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          Bully Chew Toys
          • Bully Chew ToysBully Chew Toys
          • Bully Chew ToysBully Chew Toys
          • Bully Chew ToysBully Chew Toys
          • Bully Chew ToysBully Chew Toys
          • Bully Chew ToysBully Chew Toys

          Bully Chew Toys

          As a reputable manufacturer based in China, Heao Group is recognized for producing top-quality bully chew toys that pet owners trust and love. Our pet toys - where safety is at the heart of every design, ensuring no small parts or sharp edges that could compromise your dog's well-being!
          We believe that your dog's safety is non-negotiable. That's why we've gone above and beyond to engineer pet toys that are free from any small parts that could be accidentally ingested. Our toys are expertly crafted with durability and safety in mind, giving you peace of mind as your furry friend plays to their heart's content.
          We know that dogs can be enthusiastic chewers, so we've taken extra precautions to ensure there are no sharp edges or rough surfaces on our toys. Your dog's delicate mouth and gums are in good hands with our thoughtfully designed products.
          With our dog toys, you can foster a worry-free environment for your beloved companion. From interactive play to solo entertainment, our toys promise countless moments of joy without any safety concerns. Let your pup explore, chew, and play without a care in the world.

          Model: 22143

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          Product Description

          When you choose our pet toys, you're choosing a company that prioritizes your dog's safety and happiness above all else. Embrace worry-free playtime and create lasting memories with our secure and enjoyable toys - because a happy dog is a safe dog!

          Model No.



          Dog age

          Size: Medium





          Puppy, Adult

          For Dogs 15-35 lbs

          Natural rubber

          As a top-tier manufacturer situated in China, Heao Group specializes in creating cutting-edge and sustainable bully chew toys, setting a standard for excellence in the industry.Our charming bone toy for tough chewers, designed to provide hours of joy and dental care for your  canine companions.

          Adorable Whale Design:

          This bone toy for tough chewers features the playful shape of a whale, captivating your pup's imagination and adding a touch of whimsy to their playtime. Its cute and compact size makes it the perfect fit for small breed dogs.

          Enhanced Dental Stimulation:

          The surface of the toy is adorned with carefully crafted raised bumps and ridges. As your dog gnaws and chews on the toy, these textured features gently massage their gums, promoting oral health and soothing teething discomfort. The tactile experience offered by the whale's textured surface enhances sensory stimulation during play.

          Extremely Durable:

          Though small in size, the toy is incredibly durable. Its one-piece, molded rubber construction ensures that it can withstand even the most determined chewers, making it a long-lasting playtime companion for your furry friend.

          Interactive Fun and Mental Stimulation:

          The adorable whale design encourages interactive play with your dog. Whether it's a game of fetch or a gentle tug-of-war, this toy fosters bonding between you and your pet. The engaging shape also stimulates your pup's cognitive abilities, promoting mental agility and preventing boredom.

          Safe and Non-Toxic:

          The toy is made from high-quality rubber material that is free from harmful chemicals and toxins, ensuring a safe chewing experience for your precious pup.

          Versatile and Travel-Friendly:

          The compact size of the dog toy makes it highly portable. You can easily take it with you on walks, trips to the park, or vacations, providing constant entertainment for your furry companion.

          A Whale of a Time for Your Pup:

          In conclusion, the bully tough dog toy is an adorable and durable choice for small dogs. With its charming design, dental care benefits, safe materials, and versatile nature, this toy is sure to become your pup's new favorite plaything. Watch your little buddy dive into hours of fun and frolic with this delightful whale-shaped toy!

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