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          Chew Toys for Teething Puppy
          • Chew Toys for Teething PuppyChew Toys for Teething Puppy
          • Chew Toys for Teething PuppyChew Toys for Teething Puppy
          • Chew Toys for Teething PuppyChew Toys for Teething Puppy
          • Chew Toys for Teething PuppyChew Toys for Teething Puppy
          • Chew Toys for Teething PuppyChew Toys for Teething Puppy
          • Chew Toys for Teething PuppyChew Toys for Teething Puppy
          • Chew Toys for Teething PuppyChew Toys for Teething Puppy

          Chew Toys for Teething Puppy

          Located in China, Heao Group has earned its place as a distinguished and leading manufacturer known for its exceptional chew toys for teething puppy.Our company understand that every dog is unique, and their play needs vary depending on their body size and strength. That's why we offer a diverse selection of toy sizes, ensuring there's something perfect for every furry friend.
          For our small canine companions, we have a delightful array of toys that are just the right size for their tiny jaws and paws. These chew toys are designed to be easily gripped and carried around, providing endless fun and mental stimulation for our pint-sized pals. For medium-sized dogs, we have a range of toys that strike the perfect balance between durability and playability. These toys are designed to endure the enthusiasm of medium breeds while encouraging active play and healthy exercise. And for our larger furry friends, we have a robust collection of toys that are built to handle the strength and energy of big dogs. These toys are sturdy, long-lasting, and perfect for those larger-than-life play sessions.

          Model: 22249

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          Product Description

          No matter the size of your dog, you can rest assured that we have just the right toy to meet their needs and keep their tails wagging with excitement. With our carefully curated selection of sizes, we make it easy for pet owners to find the ideal toy that perfectly matches their dog's physique and personality.

          Model No.



          Dog age

          Size: Medium



          Dia 11cm Ring


          Puppy, Adult

          For Dogs 15-35 lbs

          Natural Rubber

          Heao Group's dedication to providing a wide range of chew toys for teething puppy has earned us a reputation as a top-notch manufacturer in China. Our comprehensive approach allows us to meet the unique needs of dog owners worldwide.This durable rubber chew toy, specifically designed to ease your teething puppy, can provide hours of playtime for you and your furry friend. The stuffable inner track is a great way to keep your pal engaged for hours while he tries to extract the treats you hid inside.  

          Cute Ring Shape:

          This chew toy features a small and adorable round ring design, resembling a miniature tire. The circular shape makes it easy for small dogs to grasp and carry around during play.

          Interactive Treat Dispenser:

          The toy's unique hollow center allows you to fill it with your dog's favorite treats and snacks. As your furry friend rolls, nudges, and chews on the toy, the treats inside become accessible, providing a fun and rewarding experience.

          Natural High-Quality Material:

          The toy is crafted from premium rubber material, known for its strength and durability. This tough rubber construction ensures that the toy can withstand your dog's playful bites and withstands the wear and tear of regular play.

          Textured Surface:

          The toy's surface is adorned with small wave-like patterns, providing a satisfying texture for your dog to chew on. These raised patterns also serve the purpose of promoting dental health by helping to clean your pup's teeth and massage their gums during play.

          Suitable for Small Dogs:

          With its small and compact size, the toy is designed specifically for small dog breeds and teething puppies. Its lightweight and easy-to-carry design make it a perfect fit for their mouths and paws, enabling them to enjoy hours of engaging play.

          Versatile Play Options:

          The toy offers a variety of play options, making it a versatile addition to your pup's toy collection. Your furry companion can enjoy a game of fetch by rolling the ring across the floor or play independently by working to get the treats out.

          Pet-Safe Design:

          We prioritize your pet's safety, and that's why the materials used in the toy's construction are carefully selected to be non-toxic and safe for your furry friend to interact with. You can rest assured that this toy is free from harmful chemicals or materials.

          In summary, our chew toys for teething puppy is a versatile and adorable treat-dispensing ring made from durable rubber with a textured surface. Designed for small dogs, it provides endless hours of interactive play, helps maintain dental health, and ensures your furry friend stays engaged and entertained throughout their playtime!

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