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          Dental Scented Chew Dog Toy
          • Dental Scented Chew Dog ToyDental Scented Chew Dog Toy
          • Dental Scented Chew Dog ToyDental Scented Chew Dog Toy
          • Dental Scented Chew Dog ToyDental Scented Chew Dog Toy
          • Dental Scented Chew Dog ToyDental Scented Chew Dog Toy
          • Dental Scented Chew Dog ToyDental Scented Chew Dog Toy

          Dental Scented Chew Dog Toy

          Heao Group is a distinguished one-stop manufacturer based in China, dedicated to meeting all your dental scented chew dog toy needs with an extensive and carefully curated collection. Our company take pet playtime to a whole new level by infusing our toys with delightful scents that last. Recognizing the sensitivity of a dog's olfactory senses, we've meticulously crafted our scented toys to emit alluring fragrances that continuously attract and engage your furry friend's interest.
          Our scented toys are infused with high-quality fragrances that have staying power. These alluring scents are carefully selected to provide a long-lasting aroma that keeps your canine companion intrigued and captivated during play and beyond.A dog's sense of smell is exceptionally keen, and we understand the significance of appealing to this aspect during playtime. The enticing aromas emitted by our toys stimulate your pet's senses, making the play experience more enjoyable and stimulating.
          Safety is of utmost importance to us, which is why we use only pet-friendly scents in our toys. These fragrances are carefully tested and chosen to ensure they are not overpowering or harmful to your dog's well-being.By incorporating scents into our toys, we encourage exploration and interaction. The intriguing fragrances pique your dog's curiosity, enticing them to engage in play and discover the wonders of their new scented companion.

          Model: 22286

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          Product Description

          With our scented toys, we elevate playtime to a multisensory experience for your furry companion. The enduring fragrances that permeate our toys keep your dog's senses engaged and their interest piqued throughout their playful adventures. We prioritize safety and quality, ensuring that our pet-friendly scents provide an enchanting aroma without compromising your pet's well-being. Treat your canine companion to the delight of our scented toys, and watch as they revel in the irresistible charm of captivating fragrances during every play session.

          Model No.



          Dog age




          11 x 6 cm



          For Dogs up to 15 lbs

          Natural Rubber

          With a focus on comprehensive manufacturing, Heao Group has become a prominent player in the industry, delivering a broad selection of dental scented chew dog toy that cater to various breeds and sizes.Our cutting- dented scented chew dog toy - a wheel-shaped plaything that brings a new level of excitement to your furry friend's playtime. Specially designed for small breeds, this toy offers a delightful combination of fun and mental stimulation.

          Unique Wheel Design:

          This dental chew dog toy stands out with its novel wheel-shaped design, creating a visually appealing and engaging experience for your pet. The circular form is perfect for rolling and chasing, enticing your dog to interact and explore.

          Compact Size for Small Breeds:

          Tailored to meet the needs of small dogs, this toy features a compact size that is easy for them to carry, grasp, and play with. The ideal proportions ensure a comfortable and enjoyable playtime for your pint-sized canine companion.

          Interactive Rotating Wheel:

          The centerpiece of this toy is the rotating wheel located at the center. As your dog interacts with the toy, the wheel spins, adding an element of surprise and encouraging playfulness. The dynamic motion keeps your furry friend intrigued and entertained for extended periods.

          Vibrant Colors for Visual Appeal:

          The toy's vibrant and eye-catching colors are specifically chosen to captivate your dog's attention. Dogs are naturally drawn to vivid hues, and this toy's color scheme ensures they'll be excited to play with it again and again.

          Textured Surface for Dental Massage:

          The exterior of the spinning wheel is textured with gentle ridges and spikes. As your dog chews and gnaws on the toy, it provides a soothing gum massage and helps maintain dental health. The different textures add variety and enhance the tactile experience.

          Built to Last:

          Crafted from durable rubber, this toy can withstand rough play and enthusiastic chewing. Rest assured that it will be a long-lasting companion for your furry buddy.

          In conclusion, our dental scented chew dog toy with its innovative spinning wheel design is a fun and enriching addition to your small dog's toy collection. With its interactive features, vibrant colors, and dental benefits, it's a fantastic way to keep your pet mentally engaged and physically active. Get ready to witness your furry friend's joy as they roll, spin, and play with this captivating and entertaining toy!

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