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          Dog Puzzle Chew Toy
          • Dog Puzzle Chew ToyDog Puzzle Chew Toy
          • Dog Puzzle Chew ToyDog Puzzle Chew Toy
          • Dog Puzzle Chew ToyDog Puzzle Chew Toy
          • Dog Puzzle Chew ToyDog Puzzle Chew Toy
          • Dog Puzzle Chew ToyDog Puzzle Chew Toy

          Dog Puzzle Chew Toy

          Based in China, Heao Group stands as a renowned global manufacturer, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly solutions for manufacturing high-quality dog puzzle chew toy.Our innovative toy comes with a special treat dispensing feature, designed to entertain and stimulate your pet's mind during playtime. Let us walk you through the wonderful benefits of this treat-dispensing wonder.
          The treat dispensing function adds an extra layer of excitement to playtime. Your pet will be challenged to figure out how to access the hidden treats, engaging their cognitive abilities and keeping them mentally sharp.As your pet interacts with the toy, they are rewarded with tasty treats. This positive reinforcement enhances their play experience, making it even more enjoyable and encouraging them to play with enthusiasm.
          The treat dispensing feature prompts your pet to strategize and problem-solve. They will learn how to manipulate the toy to release the treats, stimulating their intelligence and providing a fulfilling play experience.As your pet engages with the toy to get the treats, they will also be physically active, adding an element of exercise to their playtime routine, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

          Model: 22273

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          Product Description

          You have the flexibility to choose the treats you wish to use in the puppy rope rubber body toys, ensuring they are compatible with your pet's dietary needs and preferences.

          Our puppy rope rubber body toys with the treat dispensing function offers an interactive and rewarding play experience for your pet. It provides mental stimulation, encourages problem-solving, and promotes physical activity, making playtime more enriching and enjoyable.

          Model No.



          Dog age

          Size: Medium





          Puppy, Adult

          For Dogs 15-35 lbs

          Natural Rubber

          With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Heao Group is a renowned global factory based in China, committed to crafting top-quality dog puzzle chew toy that cater to the needs of pet owners worldwide.It’s an ingeniously designed natural rubber dog toy that combines interactive play and treat dispensing for endless amusement and engagement.

          Unique Two-Color Splicing Double-Layer Design:

          The puppy rope rubber body toys features a captivating two-color splicing double-layer design, resembling a mini bowling ball. The attractive and contrasting colors make the toy visually appealing to both dogs and their owners, adding an extra touch of fun to playtime.

          Interactive Treat Dispensing and Feeding:

          The puppy rope rubber body toys is covered with a multitude of small holes, carefully positioned to create an interactive treat dispensing feature. You can easily fill the hollow interior with your dog's favorite treats or kibble. As your dog interacts and plays with the toy, the treats will gradually fall out through the small holes, turning playtime into a rewarding and engaging experience.

          Bowling Ball Design for Easy Grip:

          The overall design, inspired by a bowling ball, provides a perfect shape for dogs to grab and carry the toy comfortably. Its spherical form allows for easy grip, even for smaller mouths, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

          Promotes Mental and Physical Stimulation:

          This multifunctional toy keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated during play. The challenge of retrieving treats from the toy encourages problem-solving skills and keeps their mind engaged. The playful interaction with the toy helps burn off excess energy, promoting a healthier and happier pet.

          Safe and Durable Material:

          Crafted from natural rubber, the strongest dog puzzle chew toy is safe, non-toxic, and built to withstand vigorous play and chewing. The durable rubber material ensures that the toy remains intact, providing lasting entertainment for your beloved pet.

          Versatile Play Options:

          The dog puzzle chew toy offers a range of play options, both indoors and outdoors. Whether it's a rewarding treat session, a game of fetch, or a solo playtime adventure, this toy caters to various play preferences.

          The strongest dog puzzle chew toy is the perfect combination of interactive play and treat dispensing, designed to keep your dog entertained, mentally stimulated, and physically active. Treat your furry friend to this delightful and engaging toy, and watch as they gleefully enjoy the challenge of play and the tasty rewards that follow!

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