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          Floating Plush Dog Toy
          • Floating Plush Dog ToyFloating Plush Dog Toy
          • Floating Plush Dog ToyFloating Plush Dog Toy
          • Floating Plush Dog ToyFloating Plush Dog Toy
          • Floating Plush Dog ToyFloating Plush Dog Toy
          • Floating Plush Dog ToyFloating Plush Dog Toy
          • Floating Plush Dog ToyFloating Plush Dog Toy

          Floating Plush Dog Toy

          Our entire team at Heao Group is driven by the belief that your furry companions deserve the best, safest, and healthiest floating plush dog toys available. We know how much dogs enjoy cooling off in the water during hot summer days. That's why we've created a lightweight and floatable toy that adds an extra element of fun and interaction to your dog's water play.
          Imagine your dog splashing and paddling in the pool or frolicking at the beach, and our innovative toy effortlessly floating on the water's surface, beckoning them to play. The buoyant design ensures that it stays afloat, allowing your furry friend to easily chase, retrieve, and engage with the toy while having a blast in the water.
          Not only does our toy provide endless fun, but it also encourages exercise and mental stimulation. As your dog interacts with the floatable toy, they stay active, promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle. Plus, the interactive playtime strengthens the bond between you and your beloved companion, creating cherished memories in the sun-soaked days of summer.

          Model: 33325

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          Product Description

          Choose our lightweight and floatable pet toy, and let the summer fun begin! Create wonderful moments of laughter and play in the water, and enjoy the sheer happiness on your dog's face as they embrace the excitement of their new favorite summer toy.

          Model No.



          Dog age




          28 x 11 cm


          Puppy, Adult

          For Dogs up to 15 lbs

          100% Polyester

          At Heao Group, we take pride in being a reliable supplier from China, delivering the finest floating plush dog toys to our valued customers, ensuring both quality and affordability. The toys with pullable four-legs-ropes make it perfect interactive toy. Although plush toy are recommended for soft chewers, our stuffed toy’s durability will stand up to hours of active play. 

          Endearing Rhino Design:

          This charming dog toy takes the form of a cute rhinoceros lying on the ground, instantly captivating your pup's attention with its adorable appearance. The plush head and body offer a soft and huggable texture, providing a sense of comfort and security for your furry friend.

          Durable Rope Limbs:

          The floating toy's four limbs are skillfully crafted from sturdy and resilient rope material. These durable ropes not only add an element of fun and engagement to play but also serve as satisfying chew toys for your dog's natural instincts. The combination of plush and rope creates a perfect blend of textures, ensuring an exciting and engaging play experience.

          Soft and Cuddly Fillings:

          The plush head and body of the rhino are filled with soft and fluffy materials, making it an irresistibly cuddly companion for your pet. Its comforting texture provides a soothing and calming effect, making it an ideal toy for times of relaxation and rest. Expertly Stitched for Durability: Our top-notch sewing techniques ensure that this plush and rope toy is made to last. The strong stitching keeps all the materials securely in place, withstanding rigorous play sessions and ensuring your pup's safety during interactive play.

          Versatile Play and Comfort:

          The floating offers a range of play possibilities. Your pup can enjoy snuggling and cuddling with the plush body, chewing and tugging on the rope limbs, or simply using it as a comforting companion during quiet moments.

          This floating plush dog toys combines the best of both worlds - offering cuddly softness and interactive rope fun in one delightful package. With its lovable rhino design, expert craftsmanship, and comforting texture, this toy is sure to become your dog's new favorite playmate. Treat your furry friend to this enchanting rhino companion, and watch as they wag their tail with joy and contentment!

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