Nylon Chew Toy
  • Nylon Chew ToyNylon Chew Toy
  • Nylon Chew ToyNylon Chew Toy
  • Nylon Chew ToyNylon Chew Toy
  • Nylon Chew ToyNylon Chew Toy
  • Nylon Chew ToyNylon Chew Toy
  • Nylon Chew ToyNylon Chew Toy

Nylon Chew Toy

At Heao Group, we take immense pride in being a prominent global manufacturer situated in China. Our specialization lies in providing cutting-edge and eco-friendly solutions for crafting premium nylon chew toy.Our range of toys is impressively versatile, offering a myriad of functionalities to cater to your dog's diverse play preferences.
These multi-functional toys are designed to provide endless entertainment and engagement for your furry friend.First and foremost, our toys are expertly crafted to withstand enthusiastic chewing, making them perfect companions for satisfying your dog's natural urge to gnaw. The durable materials ensure that the toys can endure rigorous play, providing long-lasting enjoyment for your canine companion.
For interactive playtime, our toys are designed with features that make them ideal for tugging and dragging, fostering bonding moments between you and your pet. The sturdy construction ensures that they can handle vigorous play without losing their shape or durability.Additionally, our toys are designed to be buoyant, making them perfect for water play. Whether it's at the pool, lake, or beach, your furry friend can enjoy hours of floating fun, adding a refreshing twist to their playtime.Furthermore, these toys are designed to be easily thrown and fetched, allowing for exciting games of fetch. Their aerodynamic design and comfortable grip make them a breeze to throw, and your dog will love chasing after and retrieving them.

Model: 44239

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Product Description

With our toys' exceptional versatility, you can ensure that your dog's playtime is filled with excitement and joy, regardless of their favorite activities. Bring home these multi-functional toys and watch your furry friend experience the ultimate playtime adventure!

Model No.



Dog age




Dia 12.5cm Ring



For Dogs 15-35 lbs

Nylon+Natural Rubber

Heao Group, based in China, is a standout global manufacturer, renowned for crafting top-quality sturdy nylon chew toy using innovative and eco-friendly techniques.

This is an innovative and durable dog toy that combines the strength of nylon with the resilience of natural rubber, creating a versatile and exciting playtime experience for your furry friend.

Nylon Ring with Rubber Exterior:

The nylon dog chew toy is designed as a sturdy and robust nylon ring, providing excellent durability and resistance to strong biting forces. To add an extra layer of fun and functionality, a layer of natural rubber is attached to the exterior of the nylon ring.

Creative and Durable Design:

The combination of nylon and rubber in this toy showcases a creative and effective approach to pet play. The nylon material ensures the toy can withstand tough chewing and vigorous play, while the rubber exterior adds enticing textures and interactive elements to engage your dog.

Interactive and Multi-Textured:

The rubber exterior on the nylon ring offers varied textures, encouraging your dog to explore and chew. The combination of materials stimulates their senses, keeping them mentally engaged and entertained during playtime.

Promotes Dental Health:

As your dog chews on the nylon toy, the textured rubber surface helps clean their teeth and massage their gums, promoting better oral health and reducing plaque buildup.

Resilient and Long-Lasting:

The durability of nylon and natural rubber ensures that the nylon dog chew toy can handle rough play and withstand prolonged use, making it a reliable and long-lasting toy for your pet.

Safe and Non-Toxic:

Both nylon and natural rubber used in the toy are safe and non-toxic for your pet. You can trust that your dog can play with this toy worry-free.

Versatile Play Options:

The chew toy provides various play options, from solo chewing to interactive play with you or other dogs. Its unique design and materials make it a versatile toy for different play preferences.

The nylon dog chew toy is a perfect combination of strength, creativity, and durability, providing your dog with a fun and engaging playtime experience. Treat your furry companion to this innovative and long-lasting toy, and watch as they enjoy countless hours of chewing and interactive play!

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