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Many dogs are more attracted to soft, plush-like toys because they can easily sink their teeth into them and the plush dog toys are gentle on the teeth and gums. If you add a squeaker to that, the toy may be even more attractive to our furry friends, the internal squeakers make playtime more enjoyable. 
Our dogs love the soft, corduroy texture and toy’s squeaker or crinkly sound, whether our dog enjoys tearing apart soft plush toys, cuddling them, or chewing on them, durability is important. Meanwhile, this is both a safety and engagement consideration. A toy that's too small can be a choking hazard. One that's too big might be hard for a dog to interact with, leaving them uninterested.  As a leader of plush toy supplier in China, that is easy to manufacture a variety of plush toys with diversified development for puppy, adult and Senior. 

At Heao Group,  dog’s safety is our number one priority, since no toy is completely indestructible, please remember: No matter what chew toy we pick, monitor our dog closely, and quickly remove it once it shows signs of wear.

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  • Heao Group's team is fully committed to the creation and production of top-tier plush dog toy with rope inside that meet the highest standards of safety and health.
    We take pride in delivering thoughtful and prompt customer service, coupled with excellent post-sales support, available 24/7. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that our customers' needs are met promptly and efficiently, offering personalized assistance and solutions to any inquiries or concerns that may arise.We believe in going the extra mile to provide exceptional post-sales support, ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase and experience with our products. Whether it's product inquiries, warranty claims, or any other assistance needed, our team is readily available to provide timely and effective solutions, even outside regular business hours.

  • Our entire team at Heao Group is driven by the belief that your furry companions deserve the best, safest, and healthiest floating plush dog toys available. We know how much dogs enjoy cooling off in the water during hot summer days. That's why we've created a lightweight and floatable toy that adds an extra element of fun and interaction to your dog's water play.
    Imagine your dog splashing and paddling in the pool or frolicking at the beach, and our innovative toy effortlessly floating on the water's surface, beckoning them to play. The buoyant design ensures that it stays afloat, allowing your furry friend to easily chase, retrieve, and engage with the toy while having a blast in the water.
    Not only does our toy provide endless fun, but it also encourages exercise and mental stimulation. As your dog interacts with the floatable toy, they stay active, promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle. Plus, the interactive playtime strengthens the bond between you and your beloved companion, creating cherished memories in the sun-soaked days of summer.

  • Heao Group, a major player in the global market in China, where we focus on creating top-quality sturdy dog toy plush toys using state-of-the-art and environmentally sustainable techniques.In our factory, all the raw materials used for crafting dog toys undergo thorough testing to ensure the safety of our canine friends. We take the utmost care in selecting and sourcing materials that meet the highest quality standards, prioritizing the well-being of dogs above all else.
    Our stringent material testing process involves state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians who meticulously analyze each material batch. We assess their safety, durability, and potential hazards to make sure they are free from any harmful substances. By adhering to industry regulations and compliance with safety standards, we guarantee that our materials meet or exceed all necessary requirements.One of our core values is a commitment to using non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. We are dedicated to creating toys that are free from harmful chemicals like BPA, lead, and phthalates. Our emphasis on safety doesn't compromise on durability either; we choose materials that can withstand vigorous play and ensure long-lasting entertainment for dogs.

  • Heao Group is a global supplier of cost-effective and sustainable solutions to produce crinkling plush toy for dogs at the required Children’s toy standard.We believe that each pet is special and deserves a toy as unique as they are. That's why we offer a delightful custom design service, turning your concepts into captivating pet toys that will leave tails wagging with joy.
    With our customization options, the possibilities are endless. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need assistance bringing your vision to life, our talented team is here to make it happen. From playful shapes to vibrant colors, we work closely with you to ensure every detail is crafted to perfection, creating a pet toy that perfectly suits your preferences.For pet-related businesses, our custom pet toys offer a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand in a fun and memorable way. By incorporating your logo or branding elements into the design, you can leave a lasting impression on your customers and their furry companions.

  • At Heao Group, we take pride in being a leading supplier in China, committed to delivering cutting-edge and eco-conscious solutions for crafting top-tier plush squeaky dog toy on a global scale.
    Our delightful dog toy that makes the perfect gift for your furry companion. Its captivating and vibrant colors infuse excitement and playfulness into your dog's daily activities. The adorable design is sure to catch your pet's eye and ignite their curiosity, enticing them into playful interactions.
    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail,our toy boasts a charming and cute appearance that appeals to dogs of all ages and sizes. Its design radiates fun and joy, making it a delightful addition to your dog's toy collection.Beyond its appealing looks, the toy is thoughtfully constructed with durable materials, ensuring long-lasting entertainment for your furry friend. Whether it's fetch, tug-of-war, or satisfying their chewing instincts, our toy is up for any playtime challenge.

  • Heao Group, a major player in the global market, is based in China, where we focus on creating top-quality Hippo crinkling plush dog toys using state-of-the-art and environmentally sustainable techniques.Our plush toys are a testament to superior craftsmanship and utmost attention to detail. Each toy is meticulously stitched with precision, ensuring that the seams are exceptionally sturdy and free from any loose threads or frays. Our commitment to using reinforced materials guarantees durability and longevity, making these plush toys a favorite companion for your furry friends.
    At our factory, we take immense pride in our impeccable sewing techniques. The seams of our plush toys are flawlessly stitched, leaving no room for unraveling or breakage. This ensures that the toys can withstand rough play and enthusiastic interactions with your pets, promising hours of joy and entertainment.We understand that pets can be energetic and playful, which is why we reinforce our plush toys with durable materials. The enhanced fabric and stuffing prevent premature wear and tear, allowing your pets to enjoy their favorite toys for an extended period.

  • At Heao Group, our unwavering dedication lies in creating and manufacturing the finest, most secure, and healthiest plush recycled dog toys imaginable.Our eco-friendly pet toys - crafted with recyclable materials, a testament to our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
    We understand the importance of protecting our planet and reducing our carbon footprint. That's why we have made a conscious effort to use recyclable materials in the production of our pet toys. By utilizing eco-friendly materials, we aim to minimize waste and contribute to a more sustainable future for pets and their human companions.
    Our recyclable pet toys are not only environmentally conscious but also of the highest quality. We ensure that the materials used in our toys meet stringent safety and durability standards, providing your pet with a safe and long-lasting playtime experience.By choosing our eco-friendly pet toys, you can play a part in supporting sustainable practices. With each toy purchase, you help reduce the demand for non-renewable resources and contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.

Plush Dog Toy is one kind of products from our factory. Heao Group believe that play is an important part of a dog’s life so that we offer a variety of dog toys for them to enjoy. As the one of leading Plush Dog Toy manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide customized products and our products are durable. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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