Rubber Chew Toys For Dogs
  • Rubber Chew Toys For DogsRubber Chew Toys For Dogs
  • Rubber Chew Toys For DogsRubber Chew Toys For Dogs
  • Rubber Chew Toys For DogsRubber Chew Toys For Dogs
  • Rubber Chew Toys For DogsRubber Chew Toys For Dogs
  • Rubber Chew Toys For DogsRubber Chew Toys For Dogs
  • Rubber Chew Toys For DogsRubber Chew Toys For Dogs

Rubber Chew Toys For Dogs

As a leading manufacturer in China, Heao Group is at the forefront of the industry, providing innovative and sustainable solutions for creating top-tier rubber chew toys for dogs.We take pride in our collection of dog toys that set the bar for trendsetting designs. Each toy exudes a sense of modernity and uniqueness, making them stylish accessories that cater to the contemporary tastes of pet owners.
Our toys stand out with their unconventional and contemporary designs. We break away from traditional molds, creating shapes and patterns that are visually striking and fashion-forward, setting new trends in the pet toy industry.Aesthetics are a paramount aspect of our design philosophy. Our toys are adorned with chic colors and eye-catching patterns that elevate their visual appeal, making them attractive additions to your pet's playtime repertoire.Innovation is the cornerstone of our design approach. We continually explore new materials, techniques, and concepts to infuse our toys with a touch of novelty, ensuring they remain at the forefront of pet toy innovation.

Model: 22248

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Product Description

While style is a priority, we never compromise on functionality. Our toys are carefully crafted to provide engaging play experiences that stimulate your pet's mind and fulfill their playtime needs, striking the perfect balance between form and function.

With our trendsetting designs, we redefine pet toy aesthetics with contemporary flair and innovative spirit. Revel in the delight of owning toys that stand out for their unique style, making playtime an expression of modernity and sophistication for your pet.

Model No.



Dog age

Size: Large



Length 8.7 cm

Dia 8.7 cm



For Dogs 35 lbs and up

Natural rubber

Located in China, Heao Group has earned its place as a distinguished and leading supplier known for its exceptional rubber chew toys for dogs. Our toy - the UFO Disc, a one-of-a-kind plaything designed to captivate your furry friend's imagination and intelligence.

Innovative Flying Saucer Shape:

The UFO isc features an innovative design inspired by a flying saucer, giving it a futuristic and eye-catching appearance. Its unique shape will pique your dog's curiosity and instantly make playtime more exciting.

Interactive Rotating Parts:

This rubber chew toys for dogs is equipped with manual rotating parts that can be easily turned by your dog's paws or nose. As your pup explores the UFO Disc, they'll engage in a fun and stimulating activity that promotes problem-solving and mental agility.

Stimulating Dental Massage:

The exterior of the UFO Disc is adorned with gentle spikes on both ends, specifically designed to massage your dog's gums during play. As your pup happily chews and gnaws on the toy, the textured surface will provide a soothing dental massage, promoting oral health and hygiene.

Enhanced Tactile Sensation:

The rubber chew toys for dogs material of the UFO Disc adds a delightful tactile sensation to the play experience. Its soft yet durable texture ensures that your furry companion will enjoy hours of safe and satisfying playtime.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Fun:

The UFO Disc is designed to be versatile, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor play. Your pup can enjoy this entertaining toy wherever they feel most comfortable, be it in the living room or the backyard.

Easy to Clean:

Cleaning the UFO Disc is a breeze, thanks to its smooth and resilient rubber material. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or rinse it with water, and it's ready for the next play session.

In summary, the UFO Disc rubber chew toys for dogs is a revolutionary toy that brings both novelty and intelligence to your furry companion's playtime. With its interactive rotating parts, stimulating dental massage, and tactile appeal, this flying saucer-shaped toy will undoubtedly become your dog's new favorite. So, why wait? Let your canine companion embark on an intergalactic journey of fun and mental enrichment with the UFO Disc today!

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