Sturdy Dog Toy Plush
  • Sturdy Dog Toy PlushSturdy Dog Toy Plush
  • Sturdy Dog Toy PlushSturdy Dog Toy Plush
  • Sturdy Dog Toy PlushSturdy Dog Toy Plush
  • Sturdy Dog Toy PlushSturdy Dog Toy Plush
  • Sturdy Dog Toy PlushSturdy Dog Toy Plush

Sturdy Dog Toy Plush

Heao Group, a major player in the global market in China, where we focus on creating top-quality sturdy dog toy plush toys using state-of-the-art and environmentally sustainable techniques.In our factory, all the raw materials used for crafting dog toys undergo thorough testing to ensure the safety of our canine friends. We take the utmost care in selecting and sourcing materials that meet the highest quality standards, prioritizing the well-being of dogs above all else.
Our stringent material testing process involves state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians who meticulously analyze each material batch. We assess their safety, durability, and potential hazards to make sure they are free from any harmful substances. By adhering to industry regulations and compliance with safety standards, we guarantee that our materials meet or exceed all necessary requirements.One of our core values is a commitment to using non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. We are dedicated to creating toys that are free from harmful chemicals like BPA, lead, and phthalates. Our emphasis on safety doesn't compromise on durability either; we choose materials that can withstand vigorous play and ensure long-lasting entertainment for dogs.

Model: 33256

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Product Description

We understand that pet owners place their trust in us to provide safe and enjoyable toys for their furry companions. We take this responsibility seriously and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality in all our products.

Model No.



Dog age




18 x 11 x 10.5 cm



For Dogs up to 15 lbs

Polyester, Rubber

Heao Group is a Chinese factory with a strong dedication to offering our customers top-notch sturdy dog toy plush at competitive prices. This tough chewing puppy toy makes squeaking sounds when squeezed that dogs love, keeping his attention and leading to hours and hours of play time fun. 

Enchanting Rhino Design: 

This sturdy plush toy takes the form of an endearing rhinoceros with plush head and limbs, capturing your pup's heart with its cute appearance. The soft and fuzzy texture of the plush materials offers a snuggly and comforting feel for your little canine companion. 

Durable Rubber Body with Treat Dispenser: 

The body of the rhino is skillfully crafted from durable rubber material, providing a sturdy surface for your dog's playful interactions. Within the rubber body, there is a hidden treat dispenser, designed to hold small treats or kibble. As your dog plays and engages with the toy, they will be rewarded with tasty treats, making playtime even more enticing and enjoyable. 

Interactive Play and Mental Stimulation: 

The combination of plush and rubber materials adds a layer of excitement to play. Your pup can chew and nibble on the plush limbs and head, while also exploring the rubber body for treats. This interactive play not only keeps them physically active but also mentally stimulated as they work to retrieve the hidden rewards. 

Comforting and Snuggly Companion: 

The soft plush head and limbs offer a sense of comfort and security for your furry friend, making this toy an ideal companion for relaxation and comfort during quieter moments. 

Creative Fusion of Materials: 

The sturdy toy showcases a creative blend of plush and rubber, offering versatility and engagement in a single toy. Its innovative design ensures that it stands out as a unique and exciting addition to your pup's playtime collection. A Tail-Wagging Marvel of Playtime: Our sturdy plush dog toy brings together the best of both worlds - combining the cuddly charm of plush with the interactive element of rubber and treat rewards. With its adorable rhino design, durable construction, and engaging treat-dispensing feature, this toy will surely become your little canine's favorite playmate. Treat your furry friend to this enchanting rhino toy, and watch as they wag their tail with joy and delight during their playtime adventures!

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