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          Sturdy Plush Chew Toys
          • Sturdy Plush Chew ToysSturdy Plush Chew Toys
          • Sturdy Plush Chew ToysSturdy Plush Chew Toys
          • Sturdy Plush Chew ToysSturdy Plush Chew Toys
          • Sturdy Plush Chew ToysSturdy Plush Chew Toys
          • Sturdy Plush Chew ToysSturdy Plush Chew Toys
          • Sturdy Plush Chew ToysSturdy Plush Chew Toys

          Sturdy Plush Chew Toys

          As a dedicated manufacturer in China, Heao prioritizes delivering top-notch sturdy plush chew toys to its valued customers without compromising on the affordability factor.We take great pride in our ability to offer a versatile selection of pet toys by leveraging our specialized factories. Each factory is dedicated to crafting pet toys using specific combinations of materials, resulting in a diverse array of products that cater to different play styles and preferences of pets and their owners.
          For pet owners who prefer the classic charm of cotton rope combined with the softness of plush fabric, our cotton rope and fabric toy factory has got you covered. These plush toys are perfect for interactive play and cuddling sessions, offering a blend of textures that appeal to pets and provide comfort during play and rest.
          For those seeking durability and strength, our rubber and nylon toy factory delivers. The combination of rubber and nylon ensures tough and resilient toys that can withstand rigorous play, making them perfect for more active and energetic dogs.

          Model: 22236

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          Product Description

          And if you're looking for toys that embrace the natural appeal of hemp rope with the durability of rubber, our hemp rope and rubber toy factory offers an excellent selection. These toys provide an engaging chew experience while promoting dental health, making them a favorite for many pet owners.

          With our diverse range of factories, we can accommodate a wide variety of preferences and play needs, ensuring that every pet can find their perfect toy. Whether it's for interactive play, gentle cuddling, or tough chew sessions, our range of materials and combinations has something for every furry friend.

          Model No.



          Dog age

          Size: Medium



          21 x 17 x 7 cm



          For Dogs 15-35 lbs

          Natural Rubber+Polyester

          Based in China, Heao Group stands out as a leading global manufacturer, known for its expertise in producing top-quality sturdy plush chew toys with innovative and sustainable practices. Our innovative plush chew toys, a delightful creation that combines the best of both worlds - soft plush and durable rubber, designed to provide endless amusement and engagement for your furry friend.

          Adorable Rabbit Design:

          This charming chew dog toy takes the form of an adorable rabbit, sure to capture your pup's heart with its cute and cuddly appearance. The head and four limbs of the rabbit are crafted from plush fabric, offering a gentle and comforting texture for your pet to cuddle with.

          Durable Rubber Body:

          The rabbit's body is ingeniously crafted from durable rubber material, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of playtime and even the most enthusiastic chewing. This robust construction makes it an ideal choice for dogs who love to engage in a spirited tug-of-war or chew sessions.

          Interactive Treat Hiding Fun:

          Adding to the excitement, the rabbit's rubber body features a strategically placed hole where you can hide tasty treats or kibble. As your dog plays and interacts with the toy, they will be intrigued to discover and retrieve the hidden treats, stimulating their natural foraging instincts and providing mental stimulation.

          Engaging and Entertaining:

          The sturdy dog toy offers a unique combination of textures, making it engaging and entertaining for your pup. The plush parts are perfect for cuddling and comforting, while the rubber body presents a challenge for your dog to chew and explore, keeping them mentally and physically stimulated.

          Versatile Playtime Pal:

          This chew toys is designed to be versatile, offering a range of play options to suit your dog's preferences. Whether it's a game of fetch with the plush parts or a satisfying chew session on the rubber body, this hybrid toy will quickly become your dog's go-to playmate.

          A New Level of Playtime Excitement:

          In conclusion, the sturdy plush dog toy brings a fresh and exciting twist to your dog's playtime. The ingenious combination of plush and rubber materials, coupled with the treat-hiding feature, ensures endless fun and engagement for your beloved pet. Treat your furry friend to this delightful rabbit-shaped toy and watch them hop with joy and contentment during playtime!

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