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          Tough Crinkling Chew Toy
          • Tough Crinkling Chew ToyTough Crinkling Chew Toy
          • Tough Crinkling Chew ToyTough Crinkling Chew Toy
          • Tough Crinkling Chew ToyTough Crinkling Chew Toy
          • Tough Crinkling Chew ToyTough Crinkling Chew Toy
          • Tough Crinkling Chew ToyTough Crinkling Chew Toy

          Tough Crinkling Chew Toy

          As a reputable one-stop manufacturer based in China, Heao Group takes immense pride in delivering a diverse range of tough crinkling chew toy, fulfilling all your furry friend's playtime needs.We know that interactive toys can bring a whole new level of excitement to your pet's play sessions. That's why we've integrated an easy-to-activate sound mechanism into our toys, ensuring that your furry friend can effortlessly enjoy playful sounds during their playtime adventures.
          Rest assured, the sounds produced by our toys are carefully designed to be pleasing and gentle to your pet's sensitive ears. We understand that some pets may be sensitive to loud or jarring noises, so we've made sure that our sound features are thoughtfully calibrated to create a positive and engaging experience.With just a simple touch or squeeze, your pet can experience the joy of playful sounds that will keep them entertained and curious for hours. The interactive nature of our sound-enhanced toys can stimulate their natural instincts and keep them mentally engaged, adding a new dimension of excitement to their play.

          Model: 22454

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          Product Description

          Choose our pet toys with easy-to-activate sound features, and see the happiness and enthusiasm light up in your pet's eyes as they explore and interact with their new playmate.

          Model No.



          Dog age




          23 x 6.5 cm



          For Dogs 15-35 lbs

          Natural Rubber+Polyester

          As a distinguished tough crinkling chew toy manufacturer in China, Heao Group takes great pride in catering to all aspects of your pet's playtime, ensuring a delightful and engaging experience.This toy is a unique and delightful dog toy that combines the natural durability of rubber with the softness of velvet to create an enchanting playtime experience for your furry companion.

          Carrot-Shaped Design:

          The tough crinkling chew toy is creatively designed in the shape of a carrot, with a realistic-looking rubber carrot part and soft velvet carrot leaves. This charming design is not only visually appealing but also adds a tactile element to play, enticing your dog to explore and interact.

          Natural Rubber Carrot:

          The carrot part of the toy is crafted from natural rubber, ensuring its durability and safety during play. The sturdy rubber material is perfect for dogs who love to chew, providing a satisfying chewing experience that helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

          Velvet Carrot Leaves:

          The carrot leaves are made from soft and plush velvet material, creating a gentle and inviting texture for your dog to nuzzle and carry around. The velvet leaves add a cozy and comforting feel to the toy, making it a perfect companion for both play and relaxation.

          Built-in Squeaker Mechanism:

          Inside the tough chew toy, there's a built-in sound mechanism that activates with each chew or squeeze. The engaging crinkling sound adds an element of surprise and fun to play, encouraging your dog to stay entertained and amused for longer play sessions.

          Interactive Play and Bonding:

          The combination of natural rubber and velvet provides a versatile play experience. You can play fetch with the toy, engaging your dog in active play, or simply enjoy bonding time as they chew and cuddle with the soft, velvet carrot leaves.

          Promotes Dental Health:

          The rubber carrot part not only offers a satisfying chewing experience but also helps clean your dog's teeth and gums as they chew. This promotes better oral health and reduces plaque and tartar buildup, supporting a healthier smile.

          Safe and Non-Toxic Materials:

          Both the natural rubber and velvet materials used in the tough toy are safe and non-toxic for your pet. You can rest assured that your dog can play with this toy worry-free.

          The tough crinkling chew toy combines the best of both worlds - durable and safe rubber with soft and comforting velvet - to provide your dog with a versatile and enjoyable toy. Treat your furry friend to this adorable carrot-shaped delight, and watch as they explore, play, and cuddle with their new favorite toy!

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