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          Tough Interactive Chew Toy
          • Tough Interactive Chew ToyTough Interactive Chew Toy
          • Tough Interactive Chew ToyTough Interactive Chew Toy
          • Tough Interactive Chew ToyTough Interactive Chew Toy
          • Tough Interactive Chew ToyTough Interactive Chew Toy
          • Tough Interactive Chew ToyTough Interactive Chew Toy
          • Tough Interactive Chew ToyTough Interactive Chew Toy
          • Tough Interactive Chew ToyTough Interactive Chew Toy

          Tough Interactive Chew Toy

          With a solid presence in China, Heao Group is recognized as a renowned global supplier, excelling in providing cost-effective and environmentally conscious solutions for crafting a broad range of tough interactive chew toy. Our scented pet toys - a delightful way to engage your furry friend's senses and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
          We trust that playtime should not only be fun but also beneficial for your dog's overall well-being. That's why we have carefully designed our pet toys to include natural scents that dogs find captivating and enjoyable.
          The enticing scents we use are specially chosen to stimulate your dog's sense of smell, tapping into their natural instincts and curiosity. As they interact with the toys, the pleasant aroma keeps them engaged and motivated, making playtime a rewarding and satisfying experience.One of the key advantages of our scented pet toys is their ability to provide mental stimulation without relying solely on treats or food rewards. This helps prevent overeating and supports weight management, promoting a healthy weight and preventing obesity-related health issues.


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          Product Description

          We understand the importance of using safe and non-toxic scents in our toys, and our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest safety standards for your pet's well-being.

          With our scented pet toys, you can enrich your dog's playtime with an extra sensory dimension, fostering a stronger bond between you and your furry companion. Watch as they eagerly interact with their scented toy, experiencing joy and excitement with every play session.

          Model No.



          Dog age




          17.8 x 6.2 cm


          Puppy, Adult

          For Dogs 35 lbs and up

          Natural Rubber+Polyester

          Heao Group is at the forefront of tough interactive chew toy manufacturing in China, committed to satisfying all your pet's playtime needs.This toy is an innovative and versatile dog toy that combines natural rubber and a long rope to provide your furry friend with engaging play, interactive fun, and beneficial exercise.

          Mace Shape for Interactive Play:

          The tough interactive chew toy features a unique mace shape, designed to stimulate your dog's natural instincts and curiosity. The toy is attached to a long and sturdy rope, allowing you to throw the toy for your dog to find, promoting an engaging game of fetch that helps consume their physical energy and achieve weight loss exercise.

          Durable Natural Rubber and Rope Combination:

          Crafted from high-quality natural rubber and a strong rope, the tough toy is built to withstand vigorous play and tugging. The durable materials ensure the toy can handle the rough play and chewing of your energetic pup, making it a long-lasting and reliable playmate.

          Interactive Tug-of-War Game:

          The long rope attached to the mace toy allows you to interact with your dog through exciting tug-of-war games. Grab the rope and engage in a friendly pulling match with your furry companion, strengthening the bond between you and providing essential physical exercise for your dog.

          Raised Surface for Dental Health:

          The mace-shaped toy is designed with a raised surface, providing an added benefit of dental cleaning during play. As your dog chews and pulls on the toy, the textured surface helps clean their teeth and massage their gums, promoting better oral health and reducing plaque buildup.

          Built-in Sound Device:

          Inside the interactive toy, a built-in sound device activates when the toy is chewed or squeezed. The playful sound adds an element of surprise and excitement to play, keeping your dog entertained and engaged.

          Promotes Mental and Physical Stimulation:

          The interactive nature of the chew toy keeps your dog mentally engaged and physically stimulated during play. The combination of fetching, chewing, and tugging provides essential exercise and energy release for a healthier and happier pet.

          Safe and Non-Toxic:

          Both the natural rubber and rope materials used in the chew toy are safe and non-toxic, ensuring your dog can play with this toy worry-free.

          The tough interactive chew toy is a perfect combination of interactive play, dental health benefits, and engaging sounds, providing your dog with endless enjoyment and exercise. Treat your beloved companion to this exciting and dynamic toy, and watch as they indulge in play and interaction, while maintaining their dental health and overall well-being!

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