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FAQs for Company

What is your MOQ?

MOQ is various for different kinds of products, and just drop us an email for more specific information. Lower MOQ like 300/ea for trial order is also in consideration.

Can you accept the OEM service?

Sure, just contact with our support, and tell us your ideas or send us the pictures, our professional R&D teams will work it out.

Is your rubber material non-toxic and dog-safe?

The natural & eco-friendly materials has passed test of phthalate, azo, cadmium, PAHs, lead, etc. They are certified by NSF and FDAs.

Which payment ways do you accept?

We accept bank transfers(T/T), as well as Paypal, MoneyGram, and Western Union payments.

How much time do the production take?

It takes around 7 business days for sample order, and 30-40 days for bulk order.

Is Mold charge refundable?

The mold charge is refundable with 200k toys ordered per year.

How and where to choose a Pantone color?


Here is what you want for any color

What package method for products do you have?

Our normal package seems like color boxes, poly bag with head-card, blister PVC, sealed PE bag, cotton pouch, mesh bag, etc. Customized package way is also acceptable.

Do you have any toy testing reports submitted?

We ensure our Chew toys, Rope toys and Plush toys to meet the ASTM F963 and CHCC listed. Basically we test our toys according to Testing Protocol of Children under 3 years. Just don't hesitate to drop us an email or contact our sales representative for a copy of testing report.

Do you have any toys which are made from recycled material?

We always keep the environment in mind every day and focus on sustainability to make high quality dog toys that use sustainable materials. Some of our E-TPU toys and Plush toys are made out of recycled consumer plastics. To learn more, please contact us for more specific information.

FAQs for Products

What is the best dog toy for a heavy chewer?

The chew toy which is made out of natural rubber is a good place to start if you're looking for the toughest chew toys for dogs. These durable rubber toys are for strong chewers and lengthy chew sessions. No toy is totally indestructible. Our rubber chew toys are typically very durable and safe for a dog's teeth and gums.

What material is best for aggressive chewers?

Toys that are made of dense rubber are ideal for super chewers, as well the new material ETPU material is also the new launched technology in the pet industry.

What do you give an aggressive chewer?

It's essential to provide safe toys that don't pose a risk of ingestion or damage to teeth, but it's also crucial to satisfy your dog's personal preferences. If your dog loves to chew for long periods but tends to ingest pieces of whatever they're gnawing on, giving them an edible chew might be a safer alternative than synthetic toys.

Why does my dog aggressively chew toys?

Inappropriate chewing might be due to boredom or anxiety, but your dog might just think it's fun. It's natural for dogs to chew things, but some dogs are more into chewing than others. Ultimately, aggressive chewing is only a problem if your dog is chewing on things they shouldn't, like furniture and shoes.

What kinds of toy can I give my puppy for teething?

Sometimes, chew toys won't cut it. Soft & staffed plush toy is a good option if your puppy suffers from excessive teething pain and discomfort.

What toy is best for a puppy?

The best toy for your puppy depends on their personality. Some puppies want to play fetch, while others want to chew on anything that resembles a stick. In addition, your sweet puppy has a very short attention span, and the best option may be a variety of toys that meet different needs.Yet safety always comes firs. Avoid toys with sharp edges and parts that are easy to chew off or swallow.

What toys make dogs happy?

It can take some time to figure out what toys make your dog the happiest. Offer your dogs various options — including puzzle toys, balls, plushies, and treat dispensers — to find out what they like best.

What kind of toy is best for my dog?

Try different toys and textures to see what piques your dog's curiosity.

Is there a dog toy my dog can't destroy?

The best dog toys are more durable than others. While indestructible toys may be easier on your wallet, they might not necessarily interest your pup. For many dogs, destroying a toy is the fun part, just make sure to supervise them while they have at it, especially when giving them a toy for the first time.

What toy keeps a dog busy?

It depends on the dog. But to get more mileage out of toys, we recommends rotating them once a week, making three to five available at a time. As we know human children get bored with the same toys, and it's the same with dogs. Swapping out toys is helpful to hold our dog’s interest. When dogs don't see their toys for a while, they forget they have them.

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